Why should you take an IQ test?

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2 min readJul 19, 2019
Why should you take an IQ test?

We offer a top quality and accurate intelligence test that goes beyond any other known test. It has been developed to measure up to ten cognitive capabilities and it has been adapted respectfully for the new generations.

Our tests are extremely useful whether you’re looking for a professional grade IQ assessment, a new job application, SAT exam preparation or simply wishing to challenge yourself in a fun way. Compared to other IQ tests, our unique algorithm applies different corrective factors which have been proven to be very effective. We can assure IQ World members that their scores are exceptionally accurate based on our strict standards.

There are many other free options online. However, most of them (if not all) are not professionally developed or may not be certified. In addition, most free IQ tests that are found online do not have a permanent web-support feature nor have they been tested by either public or private institutions. IQ World is a real company based in the United States and we are committed to make our exclusive tests accessible to everyone online. Some current uses for the test include:

  • Educational placement.
  • Compensation and salary.
  • Career assessment.
  • Clinical and neuropsychological assessment.
  • Access to new jobs.

Our tests are a must for those who care about their professional careers. All test takers are offered a great opportunity to succeed in future aptitude tests. Users can include their test results on their resumes, use the certificates as proof of their cognitive abilities, compare them with previous trials, and for anything else that they may find productive. Most common reasons why people take Intelligence Tests:

  • I want to know if I am losing intellectual capabilities due to the natural aging process, alcohol, tobacco, bad habits, illness or accident.
  • I want to know if my children are gifted or if they need an advanced education.
  • I want to add my results into my resume in order to access better jobs.
  • I want to improve my memory, learn tricks to memorize important information and keep the essential data so I can overcome life challenges.
  • I want to improve my cognitive capabilities, my logic, processing speed and other set of skills which may not be in shape right now.
  • I want to know if my intelligence is still sharp even though I am over 50 years old.
  • Or simply, I just want to know what my score is.

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