Famous People & Celebrities with High IQs

Famous People & Celebrities with High IQs

Are you curious to know what presidents, celebrities, and geniuses have the highest known IQs? Some people have their intelligence measured and celebrities are no exception. Here are some famous IQ scores for everyone including presidents, celebrities, and geniuses. What follows is a list of some of the most important people with the highest IQ scores. This is not a comprehensive list because not every celebrity has had their intelligence measured and even those who have may choose not to make their scores public.

Measuring IQ is an inexact science, which is why the Guinness Book of World Records eliminated the Highest IQ category in 1990. Even with a test result in hand, the number can vary from exam to exam. Third party scoring or estimates based upon intellectual achievements are a popular way of getting a ballpark figure. In other words, the following list is based on rumors and hearsay, but that’s the only way to measure the world’s smartest people.

Which celebrity has the highest IQ?

When we think of celebrities, we tend to think about glamour and glitz, and these people are generally in the entertainment business. This can mean that the famous individual is an actor or actress, director, musical performer, et cetera. But one thing that celebrities may not be so well known for is just how intelligent they truly are. So, we’ll do our best to shine some light on some of the brainier stars out there in our list of celebrities with high IQs. And no, the stars of the Big Bang Theory do not have any available scores we regret to report. Who says celebrities aren’t the brightest of people? We mean, don’t judge a book by its cover, and all that, right? Because here we present to you a list of celebrities with IQs that might surprise you. An intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. The IQ score is something people often talk about, but an IQ is not everything, and there are some surprising results when looking at some famous people’s IQs. Bill Gates is reported to have an IQ of 160, which beats out most of the nation. Where as President Barack Obama meanwhile is reported to have an IQ of 130, which just beats out former President George W Bush, whose IQ was 125. However, both fall short of former President Bill Clinton whose IQ is reportedly 137. On a side note, Hillary Clinton tops all of them, with an IQ of 140. However, all of them fall short of Adolf Hitler; the Nazi leader had an IQ of 141.

Famous People & Celebrity IQ Scores

The smartest celebrities are those who have documented high IQs, multiple degrees from distinguished universities, and a history of long hours spent studying complicated subjects. What is your IQ score? Start IQ Test!




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IQ Certificate!

Join thousands who used our IQ test! Looking for some great IQ test resources? Try our 30 question test on our iq test to see how you score!

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